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Welcome to the Williams Kherkher FDA resource blog.  We are a law firm that works with clients in a variety of legal situations, but a large part of our service to injured parties involves products that are released onto the market after gaining FDA approval.  However, some products are not approved, while others perhaps should have been before being released.

In this blog, you’ll see regular updates regarding the following:

  • The nature of the FDA and its processes;
  • Any related laws or regulations;
  • News stories that relate to the FDA and products in the market stream;
  • Any updated legislation that affects these situations.

We invite you to check back regularly, as we will be providing updates when the news requires us to do so in order to keep you informed.  Our overall goal with this blog is not only to provide you with legal information, but also to perhaps warn you of products that could lead to injuries.  If you have already been injured by a product, you need to contact the FDA recall attorneys at Williams Kherkher to schedule a free initial consultation.  You can do so either by clicking on the link provided or by calling us toll-free at (866) 950-9000.

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