FDA Experts: No Evidence that Tomatoes Reduce Cancer Risk

5:07 am

Forbes reported today that an article in the July 10 issue of the Journal of the American Cancer Institute, a story appears that details FDA experts and their opinions regarding the link between tomatoes and their widely-known benefit of reducing cancer.

For several years, medical experts were of the opinion that tomatoes, and specifically the anti-oxidant, lycopene, that they contain, helped to prevent cancer in those who ate a high concentration of them. However, an exhaustive FDA study of statistics and the like is now complete, and the experts, while not completely ruling out the potential benefits of tomatoes, state that there really is no tangible evidence to that effect.

"It just codifies the fact that the information about lycopene and cancer is not very robust," he said. "It may well be that if more studies are done, a greater effect might be found. But now, when you look at similar studies done by different people, they come to the same conclusion,” said Paul Coates, director of the office of dietary supplements at the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the author of a related journal editorial.

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