FDA Recalls Veggie Booty Snacks

5:00 am

Veggie Booty, a brand of snack food that's extremely popular amongst small children, has been recalled. Anyone who is in possession of these snacks is encouraged to throw them out immediately and to not feed them to anyone. This alert was reported by the Reuters news service on its Web site.

The problem with the Veggie Booty snacks is that several people have been infected with Salmonella. The FDA stated that as of this report, 52 people in 17 states had become sick after ingesting this product.

Particularly troubling was the fact that the victims tended to be children, according to a statement from the FDA:

"Almost all the illnesses have occurred in children under 10 years old, with the most cases in toddlers. Most persons had reported bloody diarrhea; four were hospitalized," the FDA said in a statement.

"Veggie Booty is often consumed by children, so parents are encouraged to watch their children, and seek medical care if they observe signs of illness," the FDA added.

Salmonella is an infection that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps, fever and bloody stool. Although it's usually treatable, Salmonella can be fatal in infants or if it strikes someone with a weak immune system.


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