Trayslol Overview

6:07 am

Trayslol is a drug administered before surgery to patients about to undergo heart bypass surgery. It is a drug designed to stop the dissolution of blood clots reducing the need for blood transfusions since there is less blood lost during the surgery.

According to the FDA's official Drug List website, the only significant side effects of Trayslol are a serious allergic reaction. If you are scheduled to receive Trayslol, you should tell your healthcare provider if you have received Trayslol in the past (you are more susceptible to an allergic reaction), have had heart surgery, are allergic to any medicines, or have kidney disease.

Since the original report was made available in 2006, the FDA has provided a few other warnings concerning the drug Trayslol. In February 2006, the FDA released a statement revealing that 2 studies had found that using Trayslol increased the chances of kidney failure. One of the two studies also found that Trayslol increased the chances of a heart attack or stroke. In November 2007, Bayer AG pulled Trayslol from the shelves after another report that suggests Trayslol involves a risk of death.

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