AMD Sued over Birth Defects

5:31 am

The mother of a 16-year-old born with birth defects, including missing half of an arm and brain damage, is filed a lawsuit naming AMD and her various doctors as the problem.

Maria Ruiz worked in one of AMD's clean rooms from 1988 to 2002. She was exposed to various toxic chemicals and at least two times had to be treated for fume inhalation problems while she was employed by AMD. When Ruiz found out she was pregnant, she was concerned about her exposure to the fumes but was told by a local doctor that there was nothing to worry about. After the consultation, she returned to work where she worked the remainder of her pregnancy being exposed to harmful chemicals known to cause birth defects.

Her lawsuit, filed in Travis County District Court, takes the fight to AMD. Also included are medical malpractice allegations against the doctors at the clinic she went to for medical consultation while pregnant. The doctors are being sued for failing to warn Maria about any possible risks of working with the toxic chemicals at her place of employment, during her pregnancy.

Ruiz, like many employees of processor companies, was confused as to what a "clean room" is. It is not a room devoid of toxic chemicals. It is a room without dust in order to ensure that processors and other things manufactured in the room aren't contaminated.

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