Asbestos in Toys and Other Household Products

6:43 am

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) released research today that shows evidence of asbestos in common toys and household products. These products include Scotch High Performance Duct Tape, DAP “33” window glazing, DAP “Crack Shot” spackling paste, Planet Toys “CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit”, and Gardner Leak Stopper roof patch.A recent study led by Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc., tested over 250 suspected products sold in national retail stores within the last year and a half. Children’s toys, hardware, cleaning products, and cosmetics were among the product categories tested. The analytical procedures used in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “Test Method” were followed to test the samples. President Geologist and Senior Microscopist of Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc., Sean Fitzgerald, confirmed that asbestos had been found present in the many of the sample products. He states that he believes “that a more comprehensive program of product testing for asbestos in common household products is of utmost import.”Frustrated Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, Linda Reinstein stated, “More than 100 years after asbestos exposure was first linked to disease in the modern world, asbestos continues to be the source of one of the largest manmade public health crises in history.” Michael R. Harbut, Co-Director of the Karmanos Cancer Institute's National Center for Vermiculite and Asbestos-Related Cancers sums up the ongoing problem, “There is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to asbestos fibers. Each and every fiber represents an increased risk of unnecessary death and unnecessary suffering.” The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization was founded by asbestos victims and their families.  It seeks to give a voice to asbestos victims and raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and the need for improved product testing before asbestos-laced products are put in the hands of consumers.


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