Remeron Overview

8:29 am

Remeron is a drug used to treat depression. Like other anti-depressants, it should not be taken with a class of drugs commonly referred to as MAOIs because this can result in a high body temperature, coma, or seizures.

The risks and potential side effects of Remeron include an increase or occurrence of suicidal thoughts or actions; a very low number of a type white blood cells that are needed to fight infection; severe sleepiness resulting in impaired judgement, thinking and motor skills; dizziness; increased appetite and weight gain; hyperactivity, excitability, or elation; seizures; and sexual problems. The less severe but more common side effects are sleepiness, increased appetite, weight gain, nausea, and dizziness.

In July of 2005 the FDA issued a report detailing the occurrence of suicidal thoughts or actions in people taking anti-depressants. They found that the incidence of these items was most frequently observed whenever a person was first put on an anti-depressant or the dosage was just changed. In children, the increased risk is in every 1 person out of 50 placed on the anti-depressant. Although Remeron is prescribed for children, the FDA has not approved it for use in children. In adults, they are still reviewing all of the available material but, until the statistics come out, they recommend that adults taking anti-depressants be watched closely for suicidal actions or thoughts.

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