Welding Fume Case Verdict Leans in Scruggs Law Firm’s Favor

5:36 am

David Shelton of the Scrugg’s Law Firm closed a successful case recently with a favorable verdict in the Welding Fume Products suit against the welding industry and Lincoln Electric. He commented, “On behalf of Jeff and Terry Tamraz, we are overjoyed that the jury found in our favor and that the welding industry is finally being held accountable for years or concealing the hazards of welding fumes from the general public.”

He went on to explain that the welding industry has known since the 1930s that exposure to welding fumes can cause serious neurological injuries. In the recent case that he represented, Shelton’s clients were not properly warned of the risk of inhaling welding fumes. Also, they were not instructed on ways to avoid excess exposure. Instead, the welding companies did not inform their workers of the risks in fear that the truth would put them out of business. Not only did they conceal the information, but the welding industry even went so far as to pay for manipulated scientific tests linking brain injury to the use of their products.

Much like the Vioxx case, the welding companies hired scientists and doctors to write biased reports and articles on the link between neurological injuries and welding products. After years of deception, the welding industry was finally found responsible for the injuries of welders. Mr. Tamraz and his wife were awarded $20.5 million in damages for the neurological injuries he sustained as a result of using their products. This verdict uncovers the lies that the welding companies have fed welders for years and sends a message to other companies that choose to spend time concealing the negative effects of their products rather than correcting their mistakes and compensating those injured by their products.

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