Cylert Overview

5:08 am

Cylert is a drug that was approved by the FDA to treat or control Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults. It is available in both a pill and chewable form. Unfortunately, the drug is known to cause severe liver damage. Since the risks of liver damage are now viewed as outweighing the benefits, the manufacturer has withdrawn Cylert from the market. It will be available in stores until supplies are gone. No new Cylert will be produced.

The product has been known to cause hepatic failure (also known as liver failure). Because of this, it is considered to be a 2nd line attempt at controlling ADHD. It was only supposed to be prescribed in the event that other ADHD medications failed to fix the problem.

It was recommended at the time of market withdrawal that doctors move their patients from Cylert to other ADHD medications to reduce the risk of hepatic failure and liver toxicity.

The reasoning for the withdrawal is that there are many other medications for ADHD that can be given to people who are affected by ADHD. As this is the case, the benefits of this one drug are completely outweighed by the potential costs (liver failure) of the medication.

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