Wellburtin Overview

2:33 am

Wellburtin, bupropion hydrochloride, is one of many medicines available to treat depression. Just like all of the other anti-depressants, Wellburtin should not be taken if an MAOI has been taken in the last 14 days. When taken together, these two drugs result in serious, sometimes fatal, reactions such as coma, seizures, and high body temperature.

Wellburtin can also cause seizures. As this is true, do not take Wellburtin if you have a seizure disorder, are on another drug that contains bupropion, or have ever had an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa.  

The serious risks involved with Wellburtin include seizures, possible liver damage, suicidal thoughts or actions, allergic reactions, agitation, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and mental problems such as psychosis. There are other serious risks involved with the medicine. The less serious possible side effects include agitation, dry mouth, trouble sleeping, headache and migraine, vomiting and nausea, constipation, and tremors.

Wellburtin, although it is only approved by the FDA for use in adults, is also prescribed for children. When this happens, an increase in suicidal thoughts or actions has been known to occur. The same is true for adults. For this reason, the FDA recommends that adults who are starting a new anti-depressant or have had their dosage changed be watched by other adults for significant changes in behavior such as increased depression and increased occurrence of thoughts or actions of a suicidal nature. 

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