Lawsuit against Martha Stewart for Lead Poisoning

3:04 am

Martha Stewart Living and K-mart are now facing a lawsuit from a couple in Pennsylvania who claim that the "Everyday dinnerware" has caused their children to suffer lead poisoning. The set of plates, named "Flowers and Buds Border", suposedly contain a dangerous amount of lead, which has lead to the emotional and mental impairment of the two children. The couple, Sandra and Raymond Dombroski claim that their sons' learning disabilities and speech problems developed after using the dishware. The lawsuit states that the lead found in the plates is a direct result of "negligent, reckless, intentional and outrageous conduct of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia." The lawsuit also states that the couple used the plates in the microwave often and were not informed of any possible problems with the plates, including the fact that the plates contained lead. 

A K-mart, owned by the Sears Company, representative has yet to comment. A spokesperson for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has made the statement – "We take consumer product safety very seriously. We do not comment on the pending litigation." Given Martha Stewart previous jail sentence and her celebrity status, this case will, no doubt, be covered extensively as the details develop.

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