Concerns Arise Over Chemicals in Baby Bottles

10:32 am

A coalition of environmental groups from the United States and Canada are calling for an immediate halt on the usage of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic used for baby bottles, sipping cups, water bottles, and other containers. This comes as a study published recently reveals that 19 out of 19 polycarbonate baby bottles tested leaked BPA when heated. Another recent study showed that BPA leached from plastic containers at 55 times the normal rate when they are exposed to boiling water.

The groups fear that BPA may cause birth defects and other developmental problems. It has also been blamed in the past for causing cancer, diabetes, obseity, and attention deficit disorder (ADD). There is some evidence that intake of BPA during the early years can affect the balance of sex hormones in the body and skew future development.

Steven Hentges, executive director of the American Plastics Council's Polycarbonate Business Unit claimed the report was nothing more than a sensationalization of old information, and that government agencies had consistently approved the use of plastics containing BPA.

According to the study, about 95% of baby bottles in America currently contain BPA.

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