Texas Refinery Explosion Injures One

3:36 am

An Alon USA refinery located 250 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas, experienced a massive explosion at 8am on February 18th. Firefighters and other local authorities responded to the call as the explosion erupted into a raging fire. East of the town of Big Spring, Texas, the refinery explosion is reported to have only seriously injured one person. Transported to a Lubbock hospital, the worker's condition is still unknown. Residents nearby were advised to evacuate to ensure their safety and highway I-20 was shut down given its close proximity to the refinery. Local schools have also been closed for the time being. Firefighters have successfully controlled the fire and no one else appears to be in danger at this time. A local television station reported that the blast was felt as far away as Gardendale, which is located nearly 60 miles away from Big Spring. Medical teams from across West Texas have gathered to help in caring for those with minor injuries. Other than the serious injury of one worker, the minor injuries of others, and extensive property damage, the blast seems to have spared the lives of all involved. According to sources, Alon USA refinery produces around 70,000 barrels per day and the refinery has never seen a disaster to this scale in its operating history.

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