Diet Supplement Seen as Risky for Some Users

3:35 am

The popular new diet supplements in yogurt are risky for some users. In these yogurts, the manufacturer adds extra bacteria to the food which is supposed to increase a person's immunity to common colds and viruses. A new study suggests that this claim may be somewhat false and that the probiotic foods may actually be deadly for some individuals.

The study examined the effects of the probiotic yogurt on a group of 296 people that were at risk for pancreatitis, a severe inflammation of the pancreas. The people in the study were divided randomly into two groups. One group received the probiotic yogurt and the other group received normal yogurt that looked identical to the probiotic yogurt. 31% of the individuals that received the probiotic yogurt required intensive care while only 24% of the placebo group received care. 18% of those that took the probiotics required surgery. Only 10% of the normal yogurt group did. In the probiotics group, 24 people died which was more than double the death rate of people who ate the normal yogurt.

In addition, the study does not show that there was a significant difference between the symptoms of colds for people who ate probiotic yogurt and for those who did not. This study does not show if there is a difference in cold symptoms in people who eat yogurt and those that do not.



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