Strong Evidence between Pesticides and Parkinson's

7:47 am

Scientists believe that there is a strong link between exposure and use of pesticides and Parkinson's disease. 

US scientists have determined that those exposed to pesticides had a 1.6 times greater risk of developing Parkinson's disease than those not exposed to pesticides in the study of 600 patients. The US scientists' report follows a similar report published by a group of British scientists that have said they have found a link between pesticides and the neurological disorder.

In addition to revealing that heavy exposure to pesticides has a link, the study shows that herbicides and insecticides were most likely to trigger the disease. The study used related individuals with varying levels of exposure to pesticides because there are known to be some genetic factors for the disease.

The lead researcher feels that scientists need to find the biological link. The team of scientists was comprised of individuals from Duke, Miami University, and the Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center of Excellence.


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