Sex offender Blows up House

7:21 am

Late Monday night, a registered sex offender made a house

The owners of the house had called earlier in the evening to
let the police know that they thought he was making bombs in the house and that
they wanted the police to check it out. The man has had a few different
offenses that have been handled by the South Hill Police Department in Seattle,
WA. When the police arrived on the scene, they then proceeded to enter the
house. The man immediately upon seeing the police grabbed a few close by
bottles and started to run.

After realizing that the man had left a bag of explosives on
the floor, the officers evacuated the house. While waiting for the bomb squad to
arrive on the scene, the bomb went off in a very violent explosion, which sent debris
flying up to 70 feet in every direction. The sex offender was killed, and the
entirety of the house was ruined.


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