FAA Misses Airline Reviews

4:51 am

In March, it was revealed that the FAA had skipped a few
reviews for Southwest Airlines that needed to be completed. It has just been
revealed that these were not the only reviews for airline companies that were

Some of the reviews should have been completed over nine
years ago and have yet to be done. American Airlines has 26 missed reviews,
United Airlines has 15 missed reviews, and Alaska Airlines has 13 missed
reviews. Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, and
Northwest Airlines all have somewhat smaller numbers of missed reviews from
FAA. It wasn’t until after a senate meeting that all of this new information
was revealed and brought to the table.

Sources say that just because there are missed reviews,
doesn’t mean that there is danger flying with any of these companies. FAA is
saying that they will try to catch up on all reviews as soon as they can get
the man power to take care of all of it.


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