Infant Car Seats Recalled

4:57 am

Just a few weeks ago, a recall was put into effect for the
Evenflo Embrace infant car seats/carriers. They included only the ones that
were made on or before April 8, 2006. The Evenflo Company says that this is
about 450,000 car seats that are being recalled.

The car seats are said to have faulty handles on them. It
has been reported that small infants have fallen from these car seats because
the handles were releasing without forewarning. More than 160 infants have
already been reported for being hurt because of these car seats. The injuries
range from just bruising to serious braking of bones.

Anyone who owns one of these car seats is said to call the
company for more details about the recall. Evenflo states that anyone who has
one of these car seats should contact them immediately to prevent any more
injuries from occurring.


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