Fight in LA causes Uproar in School

3:57 am

At the end of last week, a fight broke out in Locke High
School in South Los Angeles, California. Sources say what started as a small
fight between a Hispanic student and an African American student turned into an
uproar involving two gangs and about 600 students from the school.  

Sources say that the fight started because of a “tagging war”
between two local gangs in the Southern LA area. It took 50 or more LA police
officers to contain and end the fight between the kids. Only a few people were
hurt in the process and were sent to the nurse’s office for medical care.

The school was immediately put on lock down and all
classrooms were closed off to keep the fight from continuing around the school.
 A few students were hurt that were not
involved in the fight and there is no word yet what action they will be taking
against the people involved.


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