Fire in San Antonio Dorms

6:22 am

Over the weekend, students were evacuated from their dorm at
Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. A large fire broke out
in the dorm where more than 111 students were housed. The administrative
offices were also at the bottom floor of the building that caught on fire.

Officials are taking time to look into the exact reasoning for
the start of the fire. Arson detectives have also come in to inspect the area.
No statements have been put out about the reasoning of the fire.

The students that were evacuated from the building were
placed in other dorms around the campus area until their dorm could be cleared
for re-entry. The flames were said to have been so powerfully burning that they
were lighting up the sky. Students say that false fire alarms had been
happening for weeks so this felt like nothing new until they saw the enormous amount
of smoke pouring from the fourth floor windows. There is no word yet on
injuries or lawsuits that will be filed from any of the students living in the

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