Woman was Hit By Speading Motorcyclist

3:58 am

Late yesterday evening, a woman was riding her bicycle and
was his by a motorcyclist near Berkley, CA area. The woman was immediately on
the ground and authorities have said that she is still in critical condition
right now. The woman was taking to Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.

The motorcyclist immediately sped off the scene and no one
got a good look at the motorcyclist. The cops continued to follow the man on
the motor cycle and eventually caught up with him.  The man driving the motorcycle has already
been sentenced to 15 years in prison and will fulfilling at least 2/3 of that

This isn’t the first time that a bad accident has happened
at this intersection. The other two times happened to be fatal and both of the
drivers were sentenced to quite a bit of time in prison. The state is from now
on, going to try to cut down on the number of accidents that happen around the
UC Berkley area. They want the area to be safer for students.


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