Fire Destroys Parts of Universal Studios

4:26 am

Late Saturday evening, a fire was supposedly started in the Universal Studios theme park in Los Angelos, California.  Officials immediately arrived on the scene and began working quickly to put out the overwhelming fire that was taking over the entire theme park. Officials say that many of the movie sets and background areas were badly burned in the blaze. The fire also took over a room that held quite a few movie reels and in their plastic cases which were quickly set ablaze.

Late into Sunday afternoon, the fire was still smoldering in quite a few areas of the Universal Studios grounds. Officials have yet to say why the fire was started. Although much of the sets were damaged, Universal Studios says they are working hard to open back up by Monday morning for a normal day. They are working hard to find the cause to this tremendous fire and rebuild the sets that were either damaged or destroyed in the massive fire.

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