Man Killed in Hit and Run

2:27 am

Early yesterday morning, a man was killed in a hit and run
accident in the north Austin area. Onlookers said that the driver was trying to
pass another car and hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk area. The driver
looked to be in his mid 20’s and drove away as soon as he realized what
happened. Police spoke with everyone that had seen the accident and arrested
the suspect only a few hours later.

The car that was being passed immediately pulled over and
stopped to help the pedestrian that was still lying on the ground. The identity
of the pedestrian has not been revealed and will not until there is permission
from family or relatives. The pedestrian was pronounced dead on the scene when
the ambulance finally arrived.

Police arrested the suspect and are in for questioning right
now. When police have more information, it will be released to the public as
soon as possible.

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