Police Officer Kills Man who Beat Toddler to Death

2:57 am

Eyewitnesses said that the Turlock man was beating a toddler
to death late last night. Three different eyewitnesses tried to pull the man
off the child but were quickly shaken off by the attacker.  There is no word yet as to why the attacker
was beating the child, but police have said that the child was pronounced dead
before he got to the hospital.

The elderly couple was the first to arrive on the scene and
tried to keep the man from continuing to hit the small child. Others arrived on
the scene and again tried to stop the man but didn’t have any luck with keeping
him for hitting the child. When police first arrived on the scene, they thought
that the man had hit a small child but were horrified to find out that it was a
small boy that was bleeding in front of the car.  The police tried to jump in front of the man
and stop him when the man lunged at the officer. The officer pulled out his gun
and shot the man that had been attacking the child. Police have not released the
identity of anyone that was involved yet.

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