FDA recalls Coffee Product

3:26 am

The Food and Drug Administration has recently recalled the
Tipu’s Tiger Chai-brand Concentrate. The FDA says that this product contains
Clostridium Botulinum which is bacteria. The FDA has stated that if this
product is ingested, it can cause life-threatening illness or can even lead to
a possible death.

Tipu’s Tiger Chai is a company in Missoula, Montana and has
been running for a reasonable amount of time. The company began the recall
voluntarily and is trying to warn customers as soon as possible about the
product. The product is currently being distributed in stores in western
Montana as well as one care in Prescott, Arizona.

The FDA was concerned because the businesses were mixing the
drinks on site and worried about consumption. The company has currently said
that the consumers can return the product to any local store for a full refund
from either the store or the company.


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