Kroger Recalls Beef in Ohio and Michigan

6:02 am

In the last few days, the supermarket
chain of Kroger Food Stores called in a recall of Beef that they have been
selling because of reported E. coli germs that were in the meet.

This recall was voluntary by the
Kroger stores and is only necessary in Michigan and Ohio states. The recall is
for beef sold between the May 21 and June 8 time frame for any customers that
bought the beef.

The company has currently taken all
types of ground beef off the shelf for the time being. Kroger representatives
have said that they just want to take precautions to make sure that no one is
hurt by anything that may be going around.

Kroger urges customers to return the
beef for a full refund or replacement with sell dates between May21 and June 8.
Kroger publically apologizes for any inconvenience that it causes the

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