Baby Bed Recall in the US

3:07 am

A 22 month old toddler was suffocated in his bed a few days
ago. During the investigation by the CPSC or Consumer Products Safety
Commission, they have issued a recall of the two most popular models of the
bed. The reason for the voluntary recall was because of the strangulation
caused by the beds. The bed was built in nautical themes with a built in toy
chest on the bed. While the toddler was sleeping, the lid of the toy chest came
down on the baby’s head and slowly suffocated him to death.

These beds were brought in from China and sold at Costco
Stores around the US. By the study, there were over 10,000 beds that were sold
from the beginning of 2006 to May of this year. CPSC has urged anyone who has a
bed like this to contact the Bayside Furniture Company for more information as
to replacement and refunds.

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