Med Helicopters Crash in Flagstaff, Arizona

3:28 am

Over this past holiday weekend, there were two medical teams
in two helicopters that were rushing victims to nearby hospitals somewhere
around Flagstaff, Arizona. The helicopters were in route when they crashed into
each other losing all control and falling to the ground. There was debris
flying everywhere during the time of the crash. If the crash had been any
closer to the city, there might have been damage to the nearby neighborhood. During
the crash, 6 different people were killed by the time that the police arrived on
the scene.

Both pilots, the two patients, a paramedic, and a flight
nurse were the ones killed instantly in the crash. The remaining flight nurse
was in critical condition and died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

There is an investigation that is currently taking place
looking into the causes of the accident. There is no word yet officially on the
accident and will become public as soon as police have new information.

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