Honda Recalls HRX Lawnmowers

2:49 am

Honda is
recalling all of their HRX Honda Lawnmowers because of a defect that the
product has that could cause injury to the person using it. Officials have said
that there are over 20,000 lawnmowers that the company is being forced to
recall. Honda says that the plastic shields in the rear could break which could
cause debris to fly off the lawnmower which could inevitably harm the person
that is using the lawnmower at that moment.

These Honda
HRX lawnmowers were sold between October 2007 and June of this year. These
types of lawnmowers were sold at Home Depot and other home and garden shops
were they could potentially be sold. Honda is currently offering anyone to
bring their lawnmower in the place that they bought it and can get a free
repair to correct the problem that they had originally. Honda has officially apologized
for the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as possible.  

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