Jalapenos and Avocados are Being Recalled

2:37 am

The North
Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has officially issued
a recall of all of the Jalapeno Peppers and Avocados that were distributed to
different stores all over the state of North Carolina. Many food establishments
have already received shipments from one Texas Company that is initiating the
recall in North Carolina.

The state’s
local officials have already begun to investigate what caused this large out
break like this. The officials have tested the batches of peppers and avocados
and have found that most of the products were infected with salmonella. All of
the food establishments have already been made aware of the problem and are
working to quickly correct the problem as soon as possible. Officials have stated
that these products have already made over 23 people in North Carolina sick and
have made people all over the US sick so far. The health authorities just want
to try to cut down on the number of people who are becoming sick because of
this product.


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