Atmos Energy found with up to 80 Violations

3:04 am

In May, there
was a gas pipeline explosion that destroyed several homes and put 3 different people
into the hospital. One of the people injured in the explosion was a 77 year old
woman who died in mid July from all the injuries she received in accident. State
officials have now come back in to inspect Atmos Energy because of the events
that occurred and have found a number of violations that are tied to the
explosion that happened in McKinney in May.

Atmos Energy
as well as their subcontractor are currently looking at up to $80,000 in fines
because of the regulations that were found broken. The company has yet to state
exactly what the violations were or how they were being taken care of. Each
violation has a maximum fine of $10,000 which currently puts them at about 80
violations. They also have 30 days to respond to the violations and then will
be forced to pay all fines.


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