5 year old Boy Dies in Elevator Shaft

5:32 am

Earlier this morning, a boy was found dead at the bottom of
an elevator shaft in Brooklyn, NY. The building was originally built in 1974
and has undergone remodels over the past years. The building is 12 story
building with an elevator running all the way to the top.

Sources say that there have been multiple complaints on the
defectiveness of the elevator as well as it becoming stuck for hours at a time.
The boy fell a total of 10 stories down and was pronounced dead on the scene of
the crime when police arrived.

There is no word yet on how this accident happened, but
police are in the process of investigating the accident. Police have said that
will release more information as it becomes available to them. They have
already refused to release the boys name until they have spoken with the
parents of the boy. The parents will be contacting their personal injury lawyer
about the details of the accident.

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