Whole Foods Market Recalls Popcorn

5:32 am

Whole Foods Market has officially began a recall over a popcorn that they have produced and sold on their shelves. Sources say that this was a voluntary recall and the company is urging consumers to bring back the popcorn for a refund or replacement.

The company has stated that there is an unknown Dairy allergen that was found in a certain batch of popcorn. There is no word yet on the side affects of eating this popcorn, but companies are providing new popcorn for every consumer that comes in with the infected brand.

The brand of popcorn was the Organic Everyday Value which was lightly salted. The company has stated that any package of popcorn with an expiration date of 10-28-008 or 10-29-08 should return their popcorn to the local Whole Foods Market for a replacement pack of popcorn.

If you are worried that you might have one of these bags of popcorn, you should contact your local Whole Foods Market to speak with them about what products they carry.  

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