Hot Pockets are Recalled

2:45 am

As of this morning, the Hot pockets has recalled the
pepperoni pizza style hot pockets that were put out in the last few weeks. The
recall is supposedly only affecting the products that were made on June 5 of
this year.

The company has officially stated that there are currently
no health problems that have occurred yet. The company is also urging people to
return their hot pockets to their local store to get a refund or a replacement
of the product.  The recall that they
have made is of about 215,660 pounds of frozen pepperoni that was included in
the hot pockets that were made. On the cartons of hot pockets, the date should
say “Best Before JAN2010”. If your hot pockets are printed with anything like
this, you should bring them back the store where they were bought.

The company is recalling the product because there is
supposedly some sort of foreign material that is inside the pepperoni’s.

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