McCain Has Anthrax Scare

3:12 am

Yesterday, the McCain headquarters had an anthrax scare from
two packages that arrived in Centennial, Colorado. When the packages arrived at
the HQ, a secretary and another office assistant proceeded to open the package.
Once they realized that there was a white powder inside the envelope, the HQ
was immediately evacuated.

The police took all the people that might have been affected
to the hospital and quarantine. The two assistants that touched the package
were rushed to the hospital for immediate observation. There is no word yet on
how they are doing in the hospital.

The white powder was sent to the official labs for testing
to see what the white powder was. Mccain was not around the powder and will be
sent to the hospital immediately to be checked out. The other people that were
in the office were sent to quarantine.

There is no word yet on what the powder actually was, but
they do know that all the packages that day were laced with this type of

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