Dangerous Bassinetts Dodged Recall

8:34 am

Last month the Graco Children's Products company recalled a line of bassinets when a design flaw proved to be potentially fatal. Owners of these bassinets were urged to return them and explicitly advised not to place infants or children in them. These products were prodced by Simplicity and therefore bore that brand name.

More recently a published report revealed that some 200,000 bassinets sold were actually under the name Graco, not Simplicity. They had the same dangerous design flaw as the recalled bassinets, but owners looking at the brand labels would have no way of knowing that these bassinets were made by Simplicity.

Even more shockingly, the report revealed that federal regulators and the Graco company knew about this oversight for two weeks before it was anounced to the public. The company's website will be displaying a safety alert naming the bassinets that have this very dangerous flaw.

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