Federal Judges Overturn Tobacco Case

5:26 am

In a recent class-action lawsuit against tobacco companies, a Florida court has broken up the law suit, listing only 23 illnesses that can be cited by citizens who use cigarettes against tobacco companies. Many believe that this overturning is in direct
opposition to the Florida Supreme Court’s rulings in regards to smoking and tobacco companies.

Tobacco companies wield an amazing amount of power in our country and in the world.  In the past, Tobacco companies are known to bribe and beg to get whatever they want for whatever the price.Often they will appeal so many times, that they will eventually find a judge and a court that will give them the “justice” that they desire.

It has been almost 12 years since this case was brought to court and for 12 years the tobacco companies have stalled and kept these sick people waiting for the courts to hear the case and to get a decision.

If your company is being accused of harming innocent people, a business defense lawyer can help you through this difficult time.

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