Useless Arthritic Knee Operation

5:29 am

As the search for new and advanced
treatments in medicine continues, another operation to help relieve the pain
for those with arthritis has come to the attention of doctors around the world
as ineffective.  Knee Arthroscopy was
meant to provide relief for patients with osteoarthritis, by removing pieces of
cartilage around the knee cap and evening the edges of the joints.   

Researchers found that those who
were given the surgery had just as much pain and difficulty of movement as
those who were not subjected to the surgery. 
Unfortunately, doctors continue to treat this condition with the
surgery, giving false hopes to families, and added pain to patients.  Researchers commented on the frequency of
this surgery in patients with less severe conditions, rather than what the
treatment was originally designed in more serious conditions.

As of today, researchers recommend
treating the pain with physical therapy and painkillers, rather than adding
more pain to patients lives with the Knee Arthroscopy surgery. 

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