Pillows in the Nursery

2:13 am

Although a pillow my seem like a small and safe
comfort to us, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning
Americans that pillows can be a dangerous item when placed in the crib of an
infant.  The CPSC has reported that
almost 50 infants have died from suffocation in the past two years, a number
that disturbs researchers and parents alike. 
The study also went back to 1992 and showed that pillow and cushions
were responsible for the deaths of over 500 babies.

 In addition
to their current findings the CPSC also published a list of helpful hints for
new parents to keep their babies safe. Some tips suggest placing a crib away
from windows that have blind cords coming off, as babies sometime will chew and
choke on the string.  They also suggest
finding out whether or not the crib you own meets current government safety

To find the complete list you should visit the CPSC’s
website for more information. 

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