Acne or Death?

3:15 am

prescription drug Accutane had been on the market for years. In fact, it is
still on the market after the FDA warned doctors and physicians that this
medicine is potentially very dangerous to their patients.  And yet, you can find this drug in every
drugstore in America.

Accutane is
an anti-acne medication that has been linked with numerous suicides.  Congressman Bart Stupak’s son killed himself
while on this dangerous medication.  The FDA
warns that Accutane may cause suicidal tendencies in patients as well as
depression and other psychotic symptoms. Also, if a person is taking this
dangerous drug becomes pregnant while taking it, this drug can cause birth
defects, miscarriages, and even death. 

Accutane has
been on the market in 1982.  It has been
linked with over 140 suicides and deaths.  And what has it all been for? Clear skin.

Accutane is a
dangerous drug that should be taken off the market.

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