Thimerosal: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

3:31 am

Thimerosal is used to help preserve
vaccination; it sounds innocent, helpful, and harmless.  However, Thimerosal is a dangerous drug, not
only because it contains Mercury, a substance known to be deadly, but because it
can lead to devastating side effects and risks. Mercury is a neurotoxin, the
second most toxic substance known to man. 

The use of Mercury in Thimerosal
dates back to the 1930s, when vaccines were being produced on a large
scale.  However, with current medical
technology and research methods, scientists have discovered that Thimerosal
leads to neurodevelopemental disorders as well as autism.  Government officials argue that the amount of
mercury allowed in each vaccine is so small that it cannot lead to these side effects.  However, many researchers have shown that
pediatricians are using up to one hundred times the amount set out by

Thimerosal is most dangerous when
exposed to infants who receive all their required vaccines, and can develop
autism at early ages.  With all the
technology and scientific advancement, we no longer need to use mercury in the medical
field; the costs are just too high.


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