Snowmobiles from Ski-Doo Recalled

2:52 am

In the winter, much of the news is related to winter sporting accidents,
anything from avalanches, skiing mishaps, to cars sliding off the road.  Sometimes these accidents are due to a person’s
negligence, but often times it is the equipment that is to blame. It is not
surprising then that one of the world’s premier snowmobile manufactures,
Ski-Doo, has recalled their new 2008 and 2009 snowmobiles.  Models
X 800R PowerTEK, MXZ Adrenaline 600HO SDI, MXZ Renegade X 800R PowerTEK, and
the 2009 MXZ X 800R Power TEX MXZ X 600HO SDI, are some of the long list of
recalled vehicles from Ski-Doo.

 Apparently the are problems with the drive
axle assembly, which according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission needs
to be fixed before attempting to use these machines.  Owners are advised to visit their local
repair shop to get this problem fixed immediately, because the damage to the drive
axle assembly could cause an accident while being used.  The Commission states that while the drive
axle assembly was being contracted there was an issue in the welding process
which caused this part to develop cracks. 
These cracks could lead to a complete failure of the drive axel.

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