Celebrex on the Market

4:29 am

As many
you are familiar with, the Pfizer Inc. drug Celebrex was on the market for
arthritis pain relief.  However, as many
news sources reported, there are so many dangerous side effects from this drugs
that it is barely worth taking for arthritis pain.  A similar medicine produced by Merck & Co.
was forced with take their painkiller Vioxx off the market due to similar


effects for these types of drugs include:


Risk of
strokes and heart attacks when taken with the maximum dosage

of the gastrointestinal track





The reason
Celebrex affected so many people because Pfizer had such an aggressive ad
campaign to get patients to ask their doctors for the medicine. Because these
side effects were not listed and the drug misrepresentation, it has to be
pulled from the market.

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