Illinois Tries to Cut Back on Second Hand Selling of Defective Products

4:34 am

The Attorney General of Illinois
is cracking down on the selling or recalled bassinets on websites such as eBay
and craigslist. These recalled bassinets were recalled for safety reasons,
causing the deaths of two people earlier this year.  The Illinois Attorney General is begging the
CPSC to help her and her state fight this defective product “black market” to
keep people safe.  Most of the sellers and
buyers of the bassinets had not received information about the recall and are
putting themselves in danger.

The Attorney General is
putting out a statewide agenda to identify not only these recalled products,
but all, trying to get them back to the manufacturers before they can hurt
anyone else.

If you have any information
on these or other defective products in Illinois, you are advise to contact the
Illinois State Government for more information.

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