Dexamethasone: More harm than good?

1:07 am

Infants are precious things.  They need help in every aspect, are
constantly learning, and are extremely vulnerable. This is why the prescription
drug Dexethasone has come into the news. Dexethasone is used to treat organ inflammation.
When given to infants, it is usually used to prevent certain types of lung
diseases.  In adults, it is used to treat
many different ailments including asthma and arthritis.

However, Dexamethasone is actually very dangerous to
patients, especially to infants. 
Researchers have discovered that this drug carries the likely risk of
damaging infants’ intestinal lining. The drug is so powerful that it can eat
through the layer and cause major problems. Another side affect is that
Dexamethasone can interfere with the adrenal gland, and stunt growth in

This drug is dangerous and should never been allowed
on the market in the first place. Keep your infants away from this product.

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