Supreme Court Rules Against Citizens

1:22 am

This year an important Supreme
Court case was decided, the verdict letting off the manufacturing companies and
forbidding citizen from bring cases to a court that involve faulty medical
instruments (which were approved by the FDA). If the FDA approved the
instrument, then the court says they cannot bring a case against the FDA.

The explains that the court
gave were artificial hearts, breast implants, or defibrillator—if any of these
devices malfunction and lead to injury, the company who made the device is no
longer liable for damages.  This puts a
higher burden on the patients, who now have very little chance of gaining
rightful damages from the company, but also on the doctor who will now be sued
for malpractice, and the FDA which will be forced to step up testing and take on
the defect cases.

This is a great oversight by
the court to punish the patients and to let off the manufacturing companies.

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