Enbrel: A deadly drug?

3:19 am

If you
have major rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, or other arthritis problems you may
have been prescribed Enbrel by your physician. 
Many doctors around the country have been prescribing this drug for
arthritis, Ankyosing spondylitis, Psoriasis, and Psoriatic arthritis. However,
although the FDA did approve this drug, it has serious side effects.  After only five months in circulation there
were so many patients that were treated from side effects that it had to have a
new warning put on the label—not withdrawn though.


effects are anything from serious infections, upper respiratory diseases, sinusitis,
sepsis, nervous system disorders, and heart problems.  This drug is not something to mess around
with, it can be seriously dangerous. 
Even though over 30,000 people have been treated for these side effects,
still the FDA did not pull it from the drug market.



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