The Abortion Pill: RU-486 Mifeprex

2:53 am

America, abortion is a serious political and social issue.  Whether or not you agree or disagree most
doctors and lawmakers realizes the dangers associated with the “abortion pill”
known as RU-486 Mifeprex.  This pill was
designed for people who had unprotected sex and know they may be pregnant, so
they take the “morning after pill” just incase.

has approved this drug, but has had limited testing on it and has ignored the
side effects and risks associated with this drug.   This drug has been known to cause
infections, bacterial infections, myocardial infraction, bleeding, and even
death, by septicemia.  Causing an
abortion is a serious procedure that needs to be overseen by a doctor.  Again, whether or not you are for or against
abortion, having a dangerous pill on the market is not good for anyone. 


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