Phenypropanolamine Dangerous?

3:23 am

Have you
ever heard of
Phenylpropanolamine, commonly known
as PPA? It is not a prescription drug, but it is in many over the counter drugs,
which makes it dangerous for everyone. 
This chemical is found in most cold and cough medicines that can be
purchased in most drugs stores.  It is
also found in the increasingly common appetite suppressants and weight loss


The Federal Drug Administration
(FDA) banned this chemical in late 2000, but it continues to be found to
products in the USA.  It is estimated
that every year more than a billion doses are sold in this country.  The danger of this chemical is a side effect
is in hemorrhagic strokes, which can be devestating.


If you are a common user of cold and
weight loss medications make sure to ask your pharmacist if PPA is in your medications.


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