Reebok Recall

4:55 am

The famously reliable shoe company
Reebok has partnered up with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to
create a public campaign for a recall of about a thousand of Reebok’s

The hockey helmets that
Reebok produced are being recalled because the chinstrap does not function
properly.  On impact the helmet’s chin
strap can disengage, risking the person wearing it to become injured if the
helmet flies off.  Head and neck injuries
are very serious, so the safety of the product is of the utmost importance for
young hockey players.

If you have a Reebok hockey
helmet check to see if the sticker reads “HECC JUN-2013,” and was purchased
sometime between May and July of this year. If this is your helmet you need to
contact the CPSC immediately, especially if your child has been injured while wearing
the helmet.

For More Information

If you would like more information
about deadly recalls or defective products, visit today to educate your self
about the dangers.  

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